Review of The Witchlings – Midnight Curse

The Witchlings – Midnight curse by Amanda Turner
Publisher: Amanda Turner
Review Source: Author
My Rating: 3/5

Roxanne didn’t know what to expect when she started her new school. However, what she didn’t expect was a new boyfriend. Luke was gorgeous but came with baggage, otherwise known as the Elites. Why did they worry her so much? She was soon to discover that the Elites were a secret coven of witches. Roxanne is thrown into a world full of mystery, spells and best of all love. But love comes at a price. Can Roxanne overcome the Elites, a curse and worst of all the witch finders to find true happiness?

The book is written well, the world and characters are believable and mostly likeable.  I liked the blurb and idea of the story and really wanted to love it. It fell a little short of that for me.  There were some editing issues, but to me they were minor.  

Roxy is the new girl in town. She makes her first and best friend, Amber, the first day of school.  It’s the first time Roxy tries to be herself and it’s paying off.  Not only does she have her best friend Amber, but the hottest guy in school professes his love for her.  And this is where I have a problem.  Roxy loves Luke and he supposedly loves her.  I just don’t see how she can let him get away with saying he loves her and yet not show it in public.  Roxy doesn’t complain to Luke, she just goes home and cries into the fur of the stray cat that comes through her bedroom window to visit at night.   Then she finds out her dad has moved them to the same town her mother, the mother who up and left her when she was 4, now lives.  Not only did her dad know that he waited until “you were ready” to tell her. She immediately forgives her father and the next day goes to visit her mom with complete forgiveness and open arms.  Roxy came across as rather weak heroine. That is until the end when she really finds her inner strength.

 Luke got on my last nerve with all hiding of his relationship with Roxy. He was telling her he loved her, but I can’t let ANYONE see us together.  Nope, he doesn’t even go to her 17th Birthday party. Instead he climbs a tree and says a quick Happy Birthday to her through the bedroom window and leaves, and disappears for weeks. I won’t say what happened; you’ll have to read to fine out. It’s the best part of the book for me.  Luke turns out to be an all right guy, not enough depth to his character to really connect.

This is a young adult book that I would recommend for those in middle school.  Overall I liked it, just personally not to my taste as far as heroines go.  
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