Too good to pass up. Love Kim Harrison’s Hollow series. You know these will be just as good.

Kim Harrison

Teasers, teasers, teasers!  I got ’em today, two for the price of one!

I have been relentlessly teasing almost a year over the collection of Hollows and non Hollows shorts and novellas that culminated in INTO THE WOODS.  It’s a big one, with all the previously released bonus Hollows shorts and anthology novellas, plus a new one with Trent and Jenks stealing Lucy.  But what I’m most pleased about is the other 200 or so pages of entirely new, non-Hollows stuff.

See, I know I’m not a one-trick pony, but Rachel is a hard act to follow, so I took a summer to develop a few solid ideas that I might want to work with for the next five or six years as well as to remind myself how to write outside the Hollows.

But I said two sneak peeks, didn’t I?  Well, one of the novellas in INTO THE…

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