Hi everyone,  Jenny was lucky enough to have the opportunity to interview Kellan and Griffin from the D-Bags and I hope you enjoy what they had to say.

I’m just sitting in a hotel room waiting for them to arrive and I have to say, I am beyond nervous.

Oh my, Kellan has just walked in – (just for the girls) he’s wearing faded blue jeans which are sitting on his hips, a white tee shirt and……no shoes!  Omigod, my cleverly masked control is slipping because Kiera is with him and I am in awe.

She is absolutely beautiful.  Kiera and Kellan are so stunning, they leave you breathless.

Griffin, large as life walks in, drops a few expletives, gives me a bear hug and sits next to them.

Jenny: Hi everyone thanks for taking the time out of your tour to talk to us.  There are so  many  …

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