Review of Moonshadows and Blog Tour/Give Away Information

Moonshadows by Claude Dancourt
Review Source: Lightening Book Promotions
My Rating: 2.5/5

When Mira was turned into a werecat, she panicked. She ran away from her life and her boyfriend without a goodbye.

One year later, she’s on the verge of emotional and physical collapse, and answers are nowhere to be found. When the man she left behind shows up unexpectedly, Mira is so desperate to feel human again that she welcomes him back into her life despite her best resolves.

Erik has some questions of his own, and he won’t take no for an answer. He doesn’t believe in Supernatural, or in ancestral creatures. He wants a real explanation for her abandon. But when the new moon reveals the black panther inside Mira, he has no choice but to face the truth.

While the pair struggle to work out their issues, a killer lurks in the shadows. And its restraint is thinning…

I really wanted to love this book. The blurb sounded so interesting. First I want to say that is was well written and I found no major editing issues.  It turned out to be a very slow read for me. I had a hard time getting into the story. 

Mira denies what has happened to her to such an extent that she’s become gravely ill. She loses herself and all memory of what happens when she changes and Mira is convinced she’d be a monster like the one who attacked her.  It’s at this low point that Erik finds her.  I really liked Erik and devotion.

It seemed as if the serial killer in the story had an interest in Mira. It felt somewhat unfinished where the killer is concerned. I needed more information on him.  It would have been helpful to have more on the were-cats as well. It felt a little like being thrown into the middle of something, like I only got half of the background I needed to truly understand.

I think that this was just not for me, as much as I wish it had been. It is a good story with some unique aspects.  

I read this for Lightening Book Promotions for an honest review.

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