Review of DarkStorm (Heart of a Vampire #3)

Darkstorm (Heart of a Vampire, #3) by Amber Kallyn
Publisher: Dragon Heart Books
Pages: 212
Review Source: Author
Release Date: October 18, 2012
My Rating: 4.5/5

After millennia apart, can two vampires rekindle their love, or will the line between right and wrong keep them apart?

Hunted by the demon who imprisoned her for hundreds of years, Ashlyn MacDougal is fleeing with a secret which could destroy her soul. When she runs into her lost love, Connor Gregory, life twists upside down.

Connor has spent the last thousand years as a Judge for the Magic Council, tracking and destroying demons. Especially the abominations–those part demon, part vampire. When he discovers his long ago lover is not only alive, but protecting a half-breed, his confusion knows no bounds.

Thrown together by circumstance, they must resolve their past. With demons after them, Ashlyn and Connor come to find their love still burns. Yet, the secrets she hides, and his duty to his job, might just keep them apart for another eternity.

This is the third book in the Heart of a Vampire series and they just keep getting better.

I was really hooked when I found out why Ashlyn was protecting the half-breed.  Ashlyn has to be one of the strongest heroines I’ve read in a long time. To go through what she did for centuries and come out the other side stronger and not a quivering pile of messed up goo is amazing. On top of that she spends the next 500 years growing stronger and protecting Sean. When she comes across her lost love she is, of course, conflicted. The journey Ashlyn travels to face her past and accept that she is worthy of Conner’s love was a trying one. It was well done and realistic. I could feel her shame and desire for love.

Conner, the Judge, thought his betrothed was killed when he was turned. Seeing her from a distance for the first time in a thousand years was a bit of shock. Then to realize that was with and protecting one of his sworn enemies really infuriates him. When he catches up to Ashlyn and discovers the truth of the situation he is thrown of balance again. After he comes to terms with the situation he realizes he has to convince Ashlyn that they have a future. The things he says to help her understand that he not only loves her but that she is worthy of that love was sweet, heartfelt and a little blunt.  Conner had his own struggle to accept the things he found out about his lost love and his failure to protect her. He faced this head on and acted on his decisions. There was no back and forth with him, which I really liked and admired.

I would have given 5 stars but for one thing. There were times when Sean was referred to as Seth (who isn’t a character in the book); I get thrown out of a story when I suddenly have no idea who it is talking about.

Darkstorm can be read as a stand-alone, but would be a more enjoyable read after the first books in the series.

Darkstorm is available on Amazon.


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