Great Blog! Wonderful message!!!!!!! Gotta get the book also.

Wild and Wicked Cowboys

The kids and I recently put on our cowboy and cowgirl hats and headed to the post office to mail a paperback book to Australia. The book went to the winner of a fundraising auction supporting Super Storm Sandy victims. I donated a copy of each of my e-books, but also a paperback copy of Cowboy Bad Boys.

Post Office

Donating e-books is easy for me to do (I don’t have to get up off my LazyGirl chair) but I’m glad I decided to include a paperback book in the fundraiser. It gave me a chance to teach a lesson on giving.

The drive to the post office included a few great questions. “Why are you sending it all the way to Australia?” one of the twerplettes asked. “Because the person who bid the most on the book lives there.”

“How much did they bid?” I answered, “They bid more than…

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  1. Randi Alexander says:

    Thanks so much for reblogging this!

  2. Tala says:

    It was a wonderful post. I’m going to take both girls to the bookstore and pick some up books that our library is lacking to donate, thanks to your post.

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