Review: Trusting the Cowboys (Riverbend, Texas Heat #1)


Trusting the Cowboys

Trusting the Cowboys (Riverbend, Texas Heat #1) by Marla Monroe
Pages: 109
Publisher: Siren Publishing
Released on April 25, 2012
Review Source: Personal Purchase
My Rating: ★★★☆☆


When Lexie’s boyfriend abuses her, Quade and Jared step in to help. They want to take care of her the rest of her life. Lexie isn’t so sure that a relationship with two men can work when the one she had didn’t. Still, she takes a job as their cook while saving money to leave.

Quade and Jared set out to show her that ménage relationships work and especially in their town where there are others already living there. They have to convince her they love her before she takes the next bus out of town.

When they think they have everything under control, her ex steps in and tries to sabotage their marriage plans. Lexie is convinced the men won’t want her after everything he has said. Will Quade and Jared believe his accusations about her scheming to marry them for their money, or will they trust that she really loves them?

My Thoughts:

Riverbend, Texas is town where many who enjoy polyamorous relationships have chosen to live. Best friends Jared and Quade new they wanted to have one wife for the both of them from a young age. Due to the fact that they were raised in town it was accepted and Jared’s parents had such a relationship.  Quade had a rough childhood and that gave him better insight into what Lexie was going through. The guys had to convince Lexie that they loved her and that she was worthy of being loved.  First they had to gain her trust. Trust that they weren’t going to change their minds about her, or have personality changes and suddenly start to beat her.  Jared and Quade are two very hot and handsome cowboys with soft, loving centers.

Lexie feels stuck in a very abusive relationship. She doesn’t have much of a backbone throughout most of the book. It has been beaten out of her. It takes the love of two cowboys to help Lexie rebuild her courage. When her boyfriend beats her unconscious Jared and Quade get her to the hospital and convince her to take a job as their cook. Lexie takes the job to earn enough money to get out of town. She doesn’t realize the brothers gave her the job to protect her, keep her close to them, and allow them the time to “woo” her. Lexie has to fight her insecurities and the fact that everyone throughout her life has eventually left her. Lexie’s letting the past go and accept love was hard and sweet to witness.

This is a fast, enjoyable read. It has the soul mate thing going on. The guys see the girl and bam they’re in love/she’s the one. The sex was steamy, if a bit predictable. Then again not sure how many ways it can be done? 😉 I will say it was realistic, hot, and in no way cheaply done.  If you like hot cowboys, ménage, and just a touch of angst this is a book for you.

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