Review: Alpine Attraction

Alpine Attraction

Alpine Attraction by Ann Gimpel
Pages: 102
Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
Review Source: Author
Release Date: May 20, 2013
My Rating: 4.5 stars  


Tina made a pact with the devil seven years ago. It’s time to pay the piper—or die.

Independent to the nth degree, Tina meets everything in her life head-on—except love. When an almost-forgotten pact with the devil returns to haunt her, Tina knows she has to go back to the Andes to face her doom. Caught between misgivings and need, she signs on as team doctor for one of Craig’s expeditions. Though he was once the love of her life, she pushed him away years before to keep him safe. Even if he doesn’t love her anymore, there’s still no one she’d rather have by her side in the mountains. Trapped in a battle of life and death, passion flares, burning hot enough to brand their souls.

My Thoughts:

This is the first Ann Gimpel book I’ve read and I will be reading more. It’s obvious that Ann knows what she’s writing about and it feels as if she loves climbing as much as her characters. I love to be surprised by a well written story with great editing, but this one was even better because it’s different than anything I’ve read for a while. I won’t tell you what the difference is because that would spoil it way too much. This is about two people finding their way back to each other and the love they never lost.

Tina and Craig were much more than climbing partners, they were true partners in everything. Tina pushed Craig away to protect him from a mistake she made while climbing that snowballed into so much more. After Tina turned him down Craig closed his heart to everyone else and it didn’t crack open again until Tina went on what she thought would be her last climb, last anything, with him as the doctor on the trip. Craig was there for Tina when she finally told him what was going on and was prepared to do anything to ensure a future for her and hopefully them together.

I recommend this to anyone looking for a unique, quick read or a second chance at love story. This has mystery, action, love and a hot scene in a cold tent. There’s a lot packed into this quick read. I got to know Tina and Craig remarkably well in such a short time and the secondary characters are also very well developed.

One thought on “Review: Alpine Attraction

  1. anngimpel says:

    Thank you so much for your awesome review. I’m so glad you enjoyed Alpine Attraction. I just got back from a couple of days in the backcountry and your review just warmed my heart!

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