Blurb Blitz & GiveAway: Summertime

Beautiful sunset over a field with podsolnuzamiSummertime
Historical romance
Release Date
: August 15, 2013
Secret Cravings Publishing
Heat level:
Sweet – “One flame”

Sexual situations with only some details left to the imagination 


Linn Sparks wanted all life had to offer. Fame, fortune, glamour and excitement. She found it as a star of the stage at the Crown Theater in San Francisco.

For Ed Ferguson, life was far less complicated. All he wanted was Linnie Mae, but she’d left him standing alone at the altar seven years before when she’d run off to pursue her dreams.
Now, Linn Sparks has come home to Brookfield, Kansas.

But coming back means facing a lot of unpleasant realities: a strained relationship with a father who never wanted her, a mother whose grasp on sanity is slipping away, and the feelings she still has for the love she left behind.

Ed still wants Linnie Mae, but he knows she won’t stay. How can he spend the summer being near her and not get his heart broken again?

Between them, passions flare in the heat of SUMMERTIME.

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Note: Paperback edition will be released in December


As she neared the fencepost and reached for the horse’s reins, the back door of the farmhouse creaked open.

“What the hell is going on?” Ed came out onto the porch. Dressed only in a pair of Levis, he stood bare-chested in the darkness. Moonlight glinted from the long barrel of a shotgun.

“Don’t shoot! It’s me.” She stepped away from the horse so that he could see her clearly.

He lowered the shotgun. “Linnie? For God’s sake, what are you doing? I took you home earlier. You were supposed to stay there.”

She choked back her doubts and fears. Her heart knew she belonged with Ed. Her heart had always known.

“You know why I’m here.” The moonlight fell around her like a silver spotlight. This would be her shining moment, her greatest role, her most magnificent performance.

The absurdity of her thoughts struck her. This was not a stage show, not a carefully-scripted act designed for dramatic effect. This was life and love, real hopes and dreams. This was forever.

Forgetting all the words she’d rehearsed in her head, she ran to Ed and threw her arms around him. “I couldn’t leave without saying good-bye. A real good-bye.” She trembled against the hardness of his lean, muscular body. “I need you, Ed. I want you to make love to me.”

He said nothing. After carefully disentangling himself—and the shotgun—from her embrace, he placed a hand at her waist and guided her into the house. The back door opened onto the kitchen.

The familiar smells of onions, bacon grease, and coffee grounds filled Linn’s nostrils along with pleasing aromas of fruits and spices. Ed bent his head to hers. In his kiss, she tasted the sweetness of macaroons, laced with cinnamon and sugar. She murmured her delight and licked her lips.

“Guess I won’t be needing this.” Ed returned the shotgun to its rack, then ran a hand through his sleep-tousled hair. And then she was in his arms, his heart was hammering against hers, and he was kissing her once more. Linn exulted in the joy he gave her, throwing her head back and exposing her neck to his lips.

Somehow, Ed always knew exactly what she wanted, what she needed—sometimes a fierce, demanding passion, at other times, a gentle brush. His kisses could be tender, possessive, quiet, or inviting. She loved each different kiss. She especially adored the feather-light touch of his lips against her throat and the whispered endearments that teased her skin. She moaned with pleasure when Ed lifted her into his arms.

He carried her upstairs, and still holding her close, he placed her on his bed and lay down beside her. She reached up and let her hand move slowly over his face, loving the slight roughness beneath her fingers, the enticing warmth of his skin. Her body turned hot from head to toe, and everywhere in-between. Linn suddenly found it almost impossible to breathe.

Eager to touch him, she ran her hand over his neck, across his shoulder, and down his arm, feeling the powerful muscles bulging. Her fingers pressed against the solidness of his chest, moving inch by inch, then sliding over the taut, flat belly.

Linn closed her eyes, growing bolder. She had come to him, and she must now be the initiator of their lovemaking. Her hand moved downward. She heard his quick intake of breath, felt his muscles tense beneath her. Her fingers hesitated, teasing the bare flesh above the waistband. Again, her hand went lower, touching him now through the rough fabric of his trousers.

Ed sucked in a breath and his body went rigid. Linn pressed her hand against his hardness, exploring every throbbing inch of his erection. She’d forgotten how large he was. Heat shot through her, her blood pumping madly with excitement. She wanted him, wanted him inside of her.

For seven years she’d known Ed only in dreams, only in wild fantasies as she lay alone at night. Now this moment was real. She savored it, wanting to make it last as long as she could.

With tender, teasing strokes, she toyed with the bulge in his trousers. Linn peered up at him, thrilled by his smile of sheer pleasure. His breathing quickened, and he closed his eyes.

“Linnie,” he whispered, reaching for her hand.

About the Author:

Christina Cole fell in love with words at a very young age. She’ll always be grateful to her grandfather and his patience as he taught her the joys of reading. Throughout her childhood she loved telling tales. She begged and pleaded for her mother to type them, but soon — with her grandfather’s guidance — learned to type for herself on his old Underwood.

Things have changed now. Her grandfather is gone, and so is the old typewriter, but Christina’s love for story-telling has remained strong. She now does her typing on a computer in a cozy little writing room filled with books, treasures, and a much-cherished photograph of her grandfather.

She is married, lives in the midwest, loves history, hates winter, and is happily at work on her next historical romance.

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