Series Spotlight: Chasing Cross by Karolyn James

***For fans of Nashville the TV show and Bella Andre, the BROTHERS OF ROCK series is dramatic, sexy, romantic,and entertaining. It sizzles!***

We’re almost the end of the road with the Chasing Cross books for the Brothers of Rock series. The fifth book features drummer Rick and begins right after he’s made a life changing decision for himself and the band.

Going into 2014, the Brothers of Rock series will continue with a new band. Readers get to ‘meet’ this band in the fifth Chasing Cross book.

Here’s the background on each of the books featuring Chasing Cross along with an excerpt from Brothers of Rock book, Bitter Farewell (Chasing Cross #3) –

All Access

All Access (Chasing Cross #1)

Introduces the band and introduces leader singer, Johnnie. He meets a woman who doesn’t know who he is and they fall for each other. The story is flirty and fun with the undertones of what it’s like to be a successful rockstar. Johnnie is sexy and rich, but he faces a lot of troubles. And with Jess, he realizes anything is possible.

Jess is caught off guard when a sexy stranger buys her a cup of coffee and asks her to sit with him. He’s mysterious, nice, and even though he says the right things at the right time, Jess can sense that there’s something hidden about him.

As Johnnie sits across from the beautiful woman, he can’t believe she doesn’t recognize him. Everyone does. It comes with the territory when you’re the lead singer of one of the hottest bands in the world, Chasing Cross. With one more show to go before taking a small break in touring, it feels like luck is on Johnnie’s side. That is, if he can find a way to tell Jess who he is, without scaring her off.

After her best friend begs her to come to a concert, Jess finds herself standing in the middle of a crowd. The lights are off, music begins, and the crowd erupts in cheers. She doesn’t know much about the band, but that’s all about to change. When the lights come on, Jess can’t believe her eyes. The lead singer of the band is the man from the café.

Plucked from the crowd during the show, Jess makes her way backstage. The encore may have ended on stage, but the real show is just about to begin. Johnnie’s passion quickly turns to romance but the more time he and Jess spend together, the more things get complicated. Johnnie has a big decision to make about himself and the band, testing his loyalty and love for the music, and when Jess’s dreams start to come true, she starts to realize that true love exists, but it’s not always an easy path to take.

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Broken Sound

Broken Sound (Chasing Cross #2)

Rockstars expect women to show up at their hotel room, but when a woman shows up with an infant and tells Davey he is the father, his world is turned upside down.

Anna is a teacher and part-time waitress, desperate to make enough to pay off debts left to her by an ex-boyfriend who made her life a living hell. When her boss schedules her for an extra shift, he tells her it’s her job to take care of a special guest… lead guitarist of Chasing Cross, Davey. The second Anna meets eyes with Davey, she feels something she’s wanted for a long time. But with someone famous? That’s impossible. Besides, Davey is there with a date.

When Davey returns to the restaurant, sans date, he asks to see Anna. She doesn’t understand what he would want with her. He is a man with a big heart, kind eyes, and the true power that only a real rockstar could have. Then Anna learns the truth of Davey’s life, from his haunted past to his rocky present. Still, she longs to be part of his future. But when Anna’s own past turns potentially deadly, life and love suddenly collide in a way that could hurt everyone and leave someone dead.

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Bitter Farewell

Bitter Farewell (Chasing Cross #3)


When Danny boards the private jet for his father’s funeral, he knows he isn’t just going back home to settle the estate.

He is going to back to find her… the girl who loved him, the girl who understood his family problems, and the girl he left behind to chase his dream of becoming a rockstar.

Liv Cryers is stuck in Bakersville. Literally. She came back hoping to find peace inside her empty heart, but now she’s forced to care for her ailing father who doesn’t remember her most days. She’s tired of being forgotten. The sounds of her past seem so far away…

When rockstars come to town, crazy things can happen..

Excerpt from Bitter Farewell (Brothers of Rock #3):

 “Hey, Dad, check out this chord…”

The strap was too long, the cloth frayed and ragged and Danny was too afraid to move it for fear of the strap completely breaking. The strings were like pieces of barbed wire; there wasn’t enough money to buy new strings… not for a ‘damn guitar’ as his father put it all the time. There wasn’t enough electricity either. Danny could plug the guitar into his amp, but he could never plug the amp in. Unless his father was working. But he’d have to get up killer early to play then…

“Dad… did you hear?”

Danny looked up from the guitar… he had to look up to from the guitar because he couldn’t play the chords without looking. Not like Johnnie. Johnnie learned how to play chords without looking. It was seriously cool.

Danny saw that his father wasn’t standing in the doorway anymore.

He had been there a second ago.

Danny put the guitar down and walked to the doorway. He heard the shower running.

‘Dad must have had a long day…’

That’s it, Danny told himself.

His father walked away a lot.

But he worked hard.

That mattered, right?

Danny looked back to the bed and knew he had about two minutes to plug the amp in and turn it on. There really wasn’t anything quite like the sound of his guitar turned on… and it certainly helped with the sting of loneliness.

“Dude, you ready?”

Danny took his eyes off the pearl diamond inlay neck on his guitar and looked up at Rick standing, twirling drumsticks.

“Yeah,” Danny whispered.

“Are you sure? You look like hell.”

“I’m good, how about you?”

Rick threw both sticks in the air and caught them without looking. He stuck them – tip down – into his front pocket. He outstretched his arms and smiled.

“I feel alive, my friend, alive.”

“Good. How’s the arm feeling?”


Rick held up his cast and tapped it. He was still weeks away from getting the cast removed at which point he could start practicing drums. Of course Rick insisted the second the cast came off he’d start playing shows. Doctors tried to explain to Rick the time it may take to get used to playing, not to mention the risk of aggravating anything in his arm, but he insisted. Johnnie had already promised Rick that once the time came to play again, he would. He’d start slow, two songs a night and add more each time.

“I still can’t believe you’re doing the show,” Rick said. “It’s… you don’t have to…”

“I do,” Danny said. He looked back to the guitar. He fingered a ‘C’ chord but didn’t strum it. He thought about being a kid, sitting on his bed, struggling to finger the chord. It was so natural now, something he could do in his sleep, without thinking.

“How are we feeling tonight?” another voice chimed in.

It was Peter’s voice.

“Ready to rock,” Danny said, knowing he sounded monotone.

“How’s the arm feeling?” Peter asked, gripping Rick’s shoulder.

“Good to go.”

“Yeah, right,” Peter said. “Dr. Beretti is pissed you told him you planned on opening the next leg of the tour playing a full set… he said if you overdo it, you’ll end up needing surgery…”

“I don’t care,” Rick said. “I’m playing.”

Peter looked at Danny.  Danny just blinked. Hiding emotion was pointless at the moment.

“Danny… why don’t I get Johnnie?”

“That’s cool,” Danny said.

Peter tugged on Rick’s shirt and they both left.

Danny let out a sigh.

He hated this, right now. The moment when everyone looked at him and felt pity.  Their eyes showed it, their kind voices proved it, and no matter what Danny did or said, the truth was present.

His father was dead.

Maybe it shouldn’t have hit him so hard, considering the seemingly always off relationship he had with ‘Big John’ as everyone called him. But it mattered, right? It was his father. Somewhere in Danny’s mind he believed that someday things would matter. That after this tour, he’d head home and maybe have that moment with his father. The one where his father would pull out a shoebox and show Danny he’d been collecting pictures and articles of Chasing Cross all these years…

“Little bro, what’s going on?”

Danny looked at Johnnie and swallowed. “I’m just waiting for the call… to take the stage…”

“You know, you don’t have to do this. It’s just a benefit show. It’s more about the name of the band being online and associated with the cause… and the donation we made.”

“No, I have to play this one,” Danny said. He gripped the neck of his guitar and squeezed tight.

The guitar was his life. His heart, his mind, his soul. His purpose, always and forever. From the second he heard Johnnie drum a horrible sounding ‘G’ chord, Danny knew he wanted to play guitar. It was that simple. A dream found, a dream chased, and a dream lived.

Johnnie walked into the room and shut the door. He crouched down in front of Danny, much like he did when they were kids and the house got too loud… or too violent. He took Danny’s face in his strong, brotherly hands and smiled.

“Don’t be a stubborn ass about this.”

“I’m not, Johnnie, I swear.”

As he looked into his only brother’s eyes, Danny felt his own eyes fill with tears. He swore he wouldn’t cry, not now at least, but looking at Johnnie brought it all back. And there wasn’t a single regret. Because the path they walked, as brothers on stage and brothers in life, was the best damn journey any man could have ever had.

“You know, when Peter called me last night about this show…”

“I know,” Danny said. “You told him I would hate you if you said no.”

“That’s right. I know you, brother, I know how it all works.”

“We’re flying out in the morning,” Danny said. “This is our last show for a little while.”

“I know,” Johnnie said. “Let’s give them a hell of a show…”  Johnnie pointed up.  “Him too.”

Danny half smiled. The relationship with their father and Johnnie was so much different than with Danny. Johnnie took everything on the chin and in stride, perhaps trying to become the real man of the house. And how could that not happen? Johnnie took care of everything and everyone. He was there to raise Danny. He was there to console their mother, Barbara, who passed away of cancer a year after Chasing Cross broke out and became huge. He changed light bulbs. He killed spiders. He did math homework, even when Danny tapped his pencil on the table, pretending he was playing drums, not giving a damn about math.

“I’m sorry about this,” Johnnie said.

Danny closed his eyes and felt tears trickle down his cheeks. “Me too. I don’t know why I’m even crying right now.”

“Danny, he was our father. Our blood. He created us… it’s okay to cry.”

“I know,” Danny whispered. “Can I… can I have a minute?”

“Sure thing.”

Johnnie leaned forward and kissed Danny’s forehead. Danny smiled as another tear fell down his cheek. He knew that life would settle and be okay, as long as he had Johnnie.

And Chasing Cross.

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Buried Notes

Buried Notes (Chasing Cross # 4)


Finally exposing a secret to his band after years of hiding, Chasing Cross bassist, Chris, confesses that some years ago, during a wild night, he ended up marrying someone. It was supposed to be a no-big-deal kind of thing, with a stipulation… if one of them fell in love or wanted to get married to someone else, they would divorce.

Chris has been served divorce papers, and it should be easy to just sign them, but he can’t. His heart won’t allow it.

Becky loses her mother to breast cancer and realizes that life sometimes really is too short. She finds the ring she received from a sexy rockstar the night she secretly married him. The memory should have been fun, but after being pushed into a corner to stay married while that rockstar’s band took off, Becky can’t do it anymore.

She sends divorce papers and waits… and waits… and weeks after sending the papers, she wonders what’s taking so long…

In a journey that forces Chris to step back in time to find his future, he knows he needs to find Becky – his wife. He isn’t sure what he’ll find, but he knows he wants the truth.

Was it love back then? Or just a crazy night with a rockstar?

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Book Five – Last Song (coming soon!)
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Tour GiveAway & Review: Girl On Tour

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Girl on Tour

Title: Girl on Tour (Kylie Ryans #2)

Author: Caisey Quinn

Genre: Romance

Age Group: New Adult (MA 17+ Content)

Release Date: August 27, 2013

Cover Design & Format: E.M. Tippetts Book Design

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo


 An up and comer trying to make a name for herself…

KYLIE never expected to be stuck on a tour bus with a pampered princess and her boyfriend’s ex.

A troubled artist struggling to hold onto his career…

TRACE thought he was finally getting to do things his way. Until the label added co-headliner Gretchen Gibson, the only person in country music with more issues than him, to his No Apologies tour.

Surrounded by tabloid rumors and people they can’t trust, Kylie and Trace need each other more than ever. But the choices they make will change everything.

 Because chasing your dreams and following your heart don’t always lead you to the same place…

My Brief Thoughts:

The story continues where Girl With Guitar left off. I couldn’t wait to get back to Kylie and Trace. This was an emotional read with distinct ups and downs. I didn’t put the book down until I finished it. It went by too quickly 😉 It’ll be difficult to wait for the next book, especially with the way this one ended. I must admit the ending is only thing I didn’t like.

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CaiseyQuinnAuthor Bio: 

Caisey Quinn lives in Birmingham, Alabama with her husband, daughter, and other assorted animals. She is the author of several New Adult Romance novels featuring country girls finding love in unexpected places. She is currently working on Girl in Love, the third and final book in the Kylie Ryans series.


You can find her online at:



Review of Incidental Happenstance

Incidental Happenstance

Incidental Happenstance by Kim Desalvo
Pages: 342
Publisher: Kim Desalvo
Review Source: Author
Release Date: August 3, 2012
My Rating: 4.5/5

From Goodreads:
Incidental: Occurring or likely to occur as an unpredictable or minor accompaniment* Happenstance: A chance circumstance * Neither was looking for it. Neither was expecting it. But sometimes, life has other plans… One year after the loss of her fiancé, Tia Hastings needed to find a way to start over. She had to figure out how to be single again, but she had no idea how to do it. Last Stop was a tiny pub with no significance—she chose it to be anonymous, to watch the interactions between the sexes so she could figure out how to start her life over… Dylan Miller was a megastar. It was impossible for him to move amongst the general population without being recognized, but he longed to simply blend into a crowd. He donned a disguise and wandered into Last Stop, a dark little hole-in-the-wall where he was sure he wouldn’t be recognized… When their worlds collide, Tia and Dylan discover something neither of them thought possible—love. But when a fallen star sees Dylan as her ticket back to the top and will stop at nothing to make him hers, Tia wonders if she’s out of her; and out of time to rescue the love she thought she’d never find again… Is it fate? Coincidence? Or both?

My Take:
Wow! I was wary, as always, with a new author. I am so happy that I gave this one a go. I was engrossed from page one. I fell into this story from the first word and shortly thereafter fell in love with Tia and Dylan.  I really liked all the detail from their first meeting to when Dylan had to leave to continue his tour. It was nice to get the POV of the different characters. It was done real well.  I didn’t find/notice any problems in the editing department, which was pleasant.

Tia is a school teacher who has a very difficult time the past year dealing with the death of her fiancé. On the anniversary of his death she decides to go out, taking baby steps to get her life back. Just wants to watch others interact and be a “fly on the wall”. Little did she know she would find her future.  Tia is a strong yet vulnerable person. I liked her from the start. I could feel her pain and confusion trying to get on with her life and not feeling guilty about it.

What can I say about Dylan? I loved him right away. He’s sexy, smart, sensitive to Tia’s needs and just down right hot. Dylan has his own issues to deal with and does so quite well, until he trusted the wrong person. I can’t add much more without giving too much away.

I hope there is going to be more Dylan and Tia in the future. I’m going to be greedy though and say I also want to see the rest of the band members and Jessa get their HEAs.

If you want a wonderful love story with a bit of angst and laugh out loud humor, cue Chester and Francine;)  I could do more of those two also.

The only thing I didn’t like was all the time spent on Penelope in the beginning, but that’s a personal opinion. It was better balanced in the last part of the book.

This is 4.5 star read for me for that reason.

*I received this free from the author for an honest review.

Incidental Happenstance on Amazon